Jadey (jade_lil) wrote in arashigoodies,


As you might probably already know, I've been on a rampage (literally XD) for the past few days, posting things here and there because spaask is an angel for providing us with her RAW files and uploading them as well. Most of the files she have I didn't even know existed, LOL, so yes, give her all the love you could give her, yeah?

Also, this is me asking you dear members for help with regards to making mirrors. We all know that the links are mostly temporary so if any one of you are willing (and are free, of course) to re-upload the files and provide us with mirror links, that will be great. It's also to make sure that the links don't die and new fans can enjoy all the Arashi goodies we have here in the community.

That said, enjoy watching!
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