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28 October 2018 @ 05:25 pm
Hi everyone!

arashigoodies has been revamped and has a brand new layout (and profile ;)).

The tags have also been cleaned and it's much easier to navigate the community now with the sidebar.

I hope you enjoy it, if there's any problem with it, please let me know in the comment section below ^^
09 October 2018 @ 09:06 am
Hi everyone!

We're gonna need some more people to help us keep up with the videos posting.

Our 2 requirements:

  • Have the time to be regular.

  • Have a decent internet speed (you'll be downloading +5 Gb files, convert them, and uploading +1 Gb files).

We have everything explained down to the basics to help you in your task :)

If you're interested, please send a DM to my LJ winkychan.

Thank you :)
23 May 2018 @ 06:31 pm
hi everyone!

A quick update to let you know the Narratage entry is back online, as we managed to find another rip. It is unfortunately only a DVD rip (not a BluRay rip).

If you got the previous BluRay rip before it was taken down, you can use it for fansubbing purpose.

We also did a quick update on our rules, nothing fancy, but as it was quite blurry about what to do with the original Narratage entry, we did an update.

Thank you for your patience.
13 May 2018 @ 11:33 am
Hi everyone.

You might have noticed that the ''Narratage'' entry has been taken down, that is due to our rip being reposted on other websites, including streaming sites.

So to the mod ofthat drama streaming site, I know you're reading this, please take it down, this is our rip, same resolution, same file size.

In the meantime we're gonna make a huge set of rules because this is apparently what it takes...

Thank you.
08 March 2018 @ 07:38 am


Aiba Masaki, born 24 December 1982, is a Japanese idol, actor, singer, tv personality and radio host.
He is the fifth member of Japanese boyband, Arashi. Aiba's first venture out of Arashi is when he became
one of the regular hosts of Shimura Ken's, Tensai Shimura Doubutsen where Aiba is usually travel the
world to visit animal shelters and zoos.